About the site

Enjoy the view of the Croatian coast from the plane. See the most popular destinations from above. Find out where the beaches are and how close to the beach you can stay.

When we first flew over the Croatian coast in a small plane, we were captivated by its beauty. It was in 2008 when we took our first aerial photos of the island of Pag. Back then we realized that it would actually be much easier for you if you had the option to choose your accommodation according to the quality photos taken from the plane. You would see the exact location of the house within the resort and how far it is from the beach.

Years went by and every summer we took more and more aerial pictures of the Croatian coast. Some places have changed so much over the years that they have to be photographed again. We gradually uploaded these photos on the website of our travel agency Novalja. However, we felt that they did not stand out there, so we were still looking for another solution. That is why www.aerialcroatia.com was created! Our aerial pictures can help you find the ideal accommodation for your holiday.

Take a look at the beautiful Croatian coast from a small plane. See the seaside resorts. Discover where the most beautiful beaches are and how close to them you can rent your stay. There is no way you can be fooled about the distance of the house from the beach at this website. Pictures don’t lie. Especially those taken from a bird’s eye view are worth a thousand words.